Mombasa to break Box Record

The port of Mombasa in Kenya handled more than 1.4M TEU in 2019, a record performance and an increase of more than 7% on 2018’s throughput of 1.3M TEU. 

The figure was also well ahead of forecasts made by the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) earlier in the year that 1.35M TEU would be processed.

At the inland container terminal in Nairobi, volumes climbed by a much higher 61% to 415,650TEU. These numbers reflected the growing importance of cargo transfers using the country’s new standard rail gauge system. On average, 10 trains a day are scheduled between the port and thee capital city.

Addressing local media towards the end of 2019, Daniel Manduku, managing director of KPA, said Mombasa’s performance had been boosted by “unprecedented growth in both transit and trans-shipment business”.

He also attributed the higher numbers to improved levels of productivity at the port, saying that average waiting times for a ship waiting for a berth had fallen from 0.47 days in 2018 to 0.27 days in 2019.


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