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This segment grew in geometric proportions over the years, providing impetus to our services activity as well. From few port-to-port sectors, OSL business expanded to cover the max of Asian, European, Middle Eastern, African and Far Eastern regions.

Taking the market into consideration we identified the need of assistance that could re-engineer shipping activities to support the local needs of each region and maintain the global accords of shipping as well. This made it imperative for OSL to open several of their own offices in PAKISTAN, as well as overseas.
OSL has rich experience in liner agencies, it runs its own NVOCC services and also acts as an agent as various locations in Asia just for its own services

Also this When it comes to quality and range of containers, OSL always delivers. Choose from a vast collection of containers in multiple sizes and types for all your cargo requirements.
OSL owning large fleets of 20 & 40 Dry, High Cubes (Hcs), Refrigerated containers, Heavy lifters
& OOG.
We facilitate the carriage of most types of containerized cargo, our fleet is regularly maintained to a very high standard on upkeeping, assuring that your goods are carried with proper segregation & utmost care.


With our strong & innovative performance in shipping industry we are taking care of the shipping part of your business, So we make you free to focus on growing your commercial & logistics business more.


We take much pride in fostering an inspiring platform with an agile & high-performance work culture, being OSL we recognized by our deep commitments and valuing the diversity across our teams in an omnipresent manner.


The highly proactive business management of OSL always have been trailblazer & trendsetter & So is the entire OSLIAN team, to pursue the goals sets by the leaders and to be superbly trained and motivational to next coming team of OSL.


The OSL story commenced in August 2013 and the roots originating in Pakistan since then, in running industry OSL has seen enormous growth universally in a very short span of time with a start-up objectives and key values of honesty and smart-work.


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