COSCO SHIPPING Ports live with N4 at Lianyungang

Lianyungang is the first COSCO SHIPPING Ports Group terminal to switch to N4 in China as part of a pilot programme for go-lives in the future.

Lianyungang New Oriental International Terminals is live with N4.

Navis has announced that Lianyungang New Oriental International Terminals Co., Ltd. (LNOIT), a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited (CSP), has gone live with N4. The implementation is part of a “globalization strategy” that will see CSP install N4 at several terminals.

To facilitate the roll out process, the companies announced in November 2018 that they would develop a “joint Centre of Excellence (CoE)”. Background on this and scope of the agreement between Navis and CSP can be found in this article and the links therein.

Located on the southwestern coast of Haizhou Bay in China, LNOIT handled some 2.88M TEU in 2018 and currently operates more than 20 international and domestic routes. “As the Eastern Bridgehead of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, LNOIT plays an important role in regional economic development and needed a system that would help boost efficiency and bring greater value to its customers. The terminal selected N4 to help meet its immediate business goals to optimize performance, including streamlining its railway container operations, but also for longer term aspirations including cost savings, adaptability and scalability as it grows and its customer needs change,” Navis stated.

“Our partnership with Navis is important to the overall strategy of our company. As we look to expand, we need an innovative system that is a global leader in the space to grow with our business,” said Zhang Dayu, Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING Ports. “As the shipping industry is flourishing and the demand for mega-ships and more containers is on the rise, we look forward to the ways we can work with Navis to continue to remain a leader in the space.”

“The Asia-Pacific market plays a critical role in the ocean shipping industry, so it is imperative that we work with our partners in those regions to help them perform at their peak,” said Mark Welles, Vice President and General Manager Asia Pacific, Navis. “The relationship we have with COSCO SHIPPING Ports has allowed us to broaden our reach in the region and we look forward to continuing to be a key partner to the terminals it operates and helping LNOIT be successful.”


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