CM Labs Launches New MHC Training Pack

New MHC training environment can run on any CM Labs simulator

CM Labs Simulations has announced a new operator training solution for mobile harbour cranes (MHCs) is available as part of its Vortex solution suite of port equipment simulators.

“CM Labs’ MHC Simulator Training Pack delivers a safe training environment that is available 24/7 and in all weather. It is designed to provide trainees with total readiness for any potential MHC operating challenge, including complex lift trajectories, compromised views, and unexpected equipment failures,” the company stated. This includes conditions that are challenging or unsafe to replicate on a real crane, including night-time operations, compromised view due to glare, twist lock failures, rigging breaks, and snags.

The MHC Simulator Training Pack features unique operator assessment tools, including the real-time Load Path Graph, which provides a visual indicator of load trajectory while the trainee is operating the simulator. Another feature is a real-time Hook Block Map, for a visual representation of load pendulums and all other deviations of hoist lines from the vertical.

The real-time Load Path Graph

The real-time Load Path Graph

The Load Path Graph and the Hook Block Map are designed to help trainees intuitively develop an understanding of the movements required for load control. They are also displayed as a component of the MHC Training Pack’s post-training report. Trainee progress can be assessed against all operational metrics over time and rolled up into a single score. Operators and training schools can customise the scoring system as required.

“The training pack provides weeks of MHC operator training out of the box, with exercises ranging from basic controls and learning how to prepare the crane for travel, to driving and parking the crane, and efficient loading and unloading of containers (twin-20ft, 40ft, and 45ft), bulk, and break bulk. It also includes an Exercise Builder that allows instructors to create a virtually unlimited number of exercises,” CM Labs concluded.

The new Training Pack can run on any CM Labs simulator, including the desktop Vortex Trainer, the motion-enabled Vortex Advantage, and the completely immersive Vortex Master.


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