Brigade mustered in La Spezia

LSCT La Spezia Container Terminal (Contship Italia) has installed a patented acoustic alarm system to enhance  safety  of operations

LSCT has installed “white noise” BBS-Tek alarms from Brigade Elettronica in Turin (Brigade Electronics) on its yard equipment and service vehicles.

BBS-Tek acoustic alarms emit broadband sound, which is directional, and thus provides instant localisation in the immediate vicinity of the equimpment, so effectively the terminal has multiple sound screens.

Personnel on the terminal, equipped with DPI safety helmets, can hear the sound emitted, which is described as a strong gust of wind that disperses quickly and is not heard outside the immediate danger zone, so people hear only the sound that is relevant to them.

In tests in ordinary operating conditions, LSCT found that overall noise levels at 50m distance are lowered by 4.5 dB compared to conventional beeper alarms.

To date, LSCT has installed 21 BBS-Tek alarms on its reach stackers and seven on RTGs. During the past two years the company has invested around €20M in replacing older CY equipment with newer and quieter machines.


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