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OSL Shipping LLC, Iran: Are you looking for a safe and reliable way to ship your goods? The distribution of products is a complex task, and there are different ways. Although land transport by trucks is usually standard and air transport; sea shipping is another of the various options that you should value in your business.

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Selecting a safe, reliable, and express sea shipping company is not as difficult as it might seem. You only have to assess your needs, those of your customers, delivery times, the budget you have and the amount of merchandise you want to transport, among other options.

OSL Shipping Services invites you to search and compare why we are the best in freight shipping. Although we do not offer our services in Iran, let’s find out why sea shipping is a significant mode of transporting goods across the world?

What is Oceanic Freight?

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Sear port shipment area.

It refers to the transportation of goods through the sea using ships as the mode of movement. The oceanic transport of goods is the most used way to move products from one country to another. 80% of the total merchandise in the world follows this method, both in sea shipping containers and in bulk.

Ocean freight is almost the only most economical transport to transport large volumes of goods to different geographical points. In addition, vessels of different dimensions adapted according to the cargo transporting can be used.

How Sea Freight works?

  • The operation of oceanic transport begins at the exporter’s home. The merchandise will be collected once prepared, and confirmation of reservation and coordination of collection on a date, time, and place and load reference.
  • Regardless of the Incoterm, the process is the same. It starts with the collection of the merchandise in the container. If it is FCL (full container load) or in a Groupage truck, that will go to the consolidator’s warehouse to group this load to the same destination and share space in a container. LCL is (less than a full container load).
  • Once the shipper or exporter loads the merchandise, the latter put the seal in a container. This seal will appear on the bill of lading. It will help customs at the destination and the consignee or importer to know if the merchandise has undergone any manipulation during the journey if there is a seal change.



  • Once the merchandise has been collected and arrived at the port or consolidating warehouse, the export clearance, the shipping instructions can take place. in the case of the container, inform the weight of the merchandise or verify the gross mass at the terminal before the arrival of the load.

          Dispatching and Invoicing

  • Both for the instructions and the dispatch, a commercial invoice, a packing list required. Some destinations require certificates or other documents. In other cases, express the release or release of the load is sufficient, with a copy by email in PDF, it is enough to manage the import at the destination.
  • Before the ship’s departure, usually, 48 hours must have completed the customs procedures such as presenting instructions to the Shipping Company / Consolidation Company.
  • At the ship’s departure, the line sends the bill of lading or bill of lading with the departure date and begins the maritime transport that is purely from the port of origin to the port of arrival.
    Not all services are direct, and the containers pass through other ports where sometimes ship containers are changed to reach their destination more efficiently.
  • Upon departure, the recipient of the merchandise will receive all the documentation from the shipper, freight forwarder at origin, and the shipping company. A week before the arrival of the cargo at the destination contact them with the arrival notice informing the expected date of importation. Also, provide the dispatch data to manage the importation of the merchandise.
  • Once the import clearance is available, the tariffs and VAT have cleared with customs. The consignee or importer will be able to manage the delivery of their merchandise at their facilities.
    It depends on the payment conditions you have with the shipping company/consolidator / Transit Company. You must pay the expenses before delivery.

5 reasons to OSL Shipping LLC Company

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  1. 1. Variety of routes: The presence of our seaports in Asian, European, Middle Eastern, African and Far Eastern region facilitates access to many destinations.
  2. 2. Storage capacity: OSL Shipping LLC can transport loads of great weights and dimensions, both short and long distances. Also, the volume can be higher compared to other means of transport.
  3. 3. Safe and Secure deliveries: OSL Shipping LLC is one of the safest and most influential in punctuality.
  4. 4. Affordable oceanic freight: OSL Shipping LLC is the most economical due to the relationship between cost and cargo capacity.
  5. 5. Variety of ships: Any form of merchandise adapted.

OSL Shipping LLC provides the most versatile means of transporting any article; anywhere in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

Book low-cost shipping service with OSL Shipping LLC, Iran (OSL Shipping LLC not providing any service in Iran at all)
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